Alpina Parquet

Digital Brand Development

Alpina Parquet is a well-known and established wooden flooring trademark from Italy, acquired by the biggest Bulgarian hardwood flooring manufacturer. The brand had nothing but a name when our team started with the project. The client wanted complete Brand identity, Digital Strategy, Website Development & Digital Marketing. From scratch.

The client wanted to develop a brand that would make customers feel cozy, friendly, and helpful. Our brief was 40 years old professional, who is experienced and calm, yet young enough to be hardworking and helpful to his customers. And we followed.

How we completed

We structured roadmap for the project evaluating and executing each step along the way.

The mission

Develop a brand from scratch and assist with brand awareness & market share acquisition in Bulgaria.

Final results

We developed a brand with personal touch and a successful marketing approach. The result included 4 websites based on the client needs. Mobile friendly and optimized for speed performance.






Alpina Parquet

Main Highlights on the project

Building a modern brand from scratch is our key service and Alpina Parquet is a project we show with pride. We created a full brand visual identity including all packaging, branding materials, and even employee clothing. After that, we conducted in-depth research of the competitors and structured a Digital Strategy leading to a great scale and ROI for the client. Our team developed a website architecture and amazing web design & development in WordPress.

The project is expected to pay off in less than 6 months from launch.

Art Director of the project: Mario Pandeliev
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Tools we used in this project to make it amazing

During the process, we used different tools in particular directions: Digital research, Design & WordPress Development.


Branding & Web Design

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design


WordPress Builder


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool

Facebook Pixel

Data tracking tool.

Google Search Console

Data tracking tool.

Google Analytics

Data tracking tool.

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