Dremax Kitchen Cabinets

Digital Brand Development

Dremax Cabinets is a well-known Chicago-based cabinetry retailer. The business is small and family owned, but they exist from many years. What they didn’t have is amazing website that would generate leads and have the right SEO structure combined with Brand Awareness & Digital Marketing.  

How we completed

We structured roadmap for the project evaluating and executing each step along the way.  

The mission

Implement the core values of the family business into their digital presence. Reliability, trustworthiness, personal touch, high quality.  

All of it into a great WordPress website with amazing Marketing structure and Digital Marketing campaigns & Strategy. 

Final results

We created a great website which ranked extremely high and fast for local searches in Chicago and we exceeded the expectations for lead generation and brand awareness delivering the message of the high-quality products of Dremax. 






Dremax Kitchen Cabinets

Main Highlights on the project

Creating the right website framework and IT Architecture was the key for success of the project. Our team guided as consultants the process of Web Design, Web Development and Marketing testing & delivery.  
The project paid off less than 2 months from launch. 
Dremax Kitchen Cabinets
Dremax Kitchen Cabinets
Dremax Kitchen Cabinets
Dremax Kitchen Cabinets
Dremax Kitchen Cabinets

Tools we used in this project to make it amazing

During the process we used different tools in particular directions: Digital research, Design & WordPress Development.  


Branding & Web Design

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design


WordPress Builder & Themes


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool

Facebook Pixel

Data tracking tool.

Google Search Console

Data tracking tool.

Google Analytics

Data tracking tool.

Google My Business

Google Business App

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