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Online Store

LOVE BY HER is a premium clothing brand for high-quality activewear, based in Los Angeles. The online store elevates women’s fashion by offering trendy clothing designs. The socially responsible team supports charitable causes and shares profit with people in need.

How we completed

We structured roadmap for the project evaluating and executing each step along the way.

The mission

The mission was to create a modern, sleek, and easy-to-navigate online store.

Final results

We have built a fully functioning modern online store with blog and all necessary pages to be successful.






Hasti Rahimi

Main Highlights on the project

We had the exciting opportunity to be part of LOVE BY HER’s creative process from the very beginning.
Our team planned a digital marketing campaign for the official brand’s launch along. We developed a UX-friendly and stylish online shop, accompanied by a fresh brand look and modern design. Optimized content and seamless landing pages have also been added to the website for easy conversion, securing the very first sales!
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Tools we used in this project to make it amazing

During the process, we used different tools in particular directions: Digital research, Design & WordPress Development.


Branding & Web Design

Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design

Flatsome Theme

Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool


SEO Audit & Analysis Tool

Facebook Pixel

Data tracking tool.

Google Search Console

Data tracking tool.

Google Analytics

Data tracking tool.

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